Selling to Vertical Sectors


Selling Higher


2016 is a crucial year for your sales achievements. Sell more and sell better to your existing and new customers. Establish long lasting relationships with the business decision makers. Our capabilities are aligned with your business aims and objectives, thus contributing optimally to your successes.

More open seminars means a smoother integration of new Account Managers even in the course of your Fiscal Year. This reduces the time to readiness for those who are changing from vertical sectors

We offer 50 seminars: « Selling to vertical Sectors » and 16 seminars « Selling to CxOs ».

Selling to CxOs this is now: selling to the GMs, CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors, CIOs and CPOs (Purchasing).

The Digital Transformation of your customers’ businesses means new opportunities for you.


Additionally, bespoke workshops and in-house coaching is available to sustain the impact of the seminars.

You may want to Build your Value propositions, Your sales propositions and prepare for the final customer presentation in front of the decision making board.

Last, but not least, we have introduced “Industry University in a Day”, where you may train your sales force (Sales and pre-sales) on your Priority Vertical market segments, in just one location and over a single day.

Frequently this works best when the training is run back to back with a corporate event ( Annual Kick-Off, etc)


High Value Sales Execution Workshops

High Value Sales Execution Workshops enable your sales & pre-sales consultants to be ready to sell VXI and Partner’s Solutions at higher level in your accounts.

Our Method:

  • Working on your own business opportunities, your team will experience a “near real” accelerated sales cycle, preparing their value proposition, emailing an executive, calling them, meeting face to face and eventually presenting in front of the Board.
  • Role playing with a real executive they’ll feel the intensity and the emotion of meeting higher.